Water Garden

Passionate about Water Features

Absolutely NOTHING in your landscape will be as beautiful, rewarding, or as soothing, as a well done Water Feature, Water Garden, or Pond. Whether it’s a simple bubbling rock that the birds drink at, a small stream disappearing into a pondless basin of gravel and plants, or a beautiful waterfalls spilling and rippling into a pond with colorful Koi, water lily’s, and underwater lights that automatically come on at night, the sight and sound of moving water will be the highlight and focal point of your landscape. So why not do it right? Our goal is to build something unique, beautiful, and functional, that will take your breath away, put a smile on your face, and make you ask yourself, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

At TNL, we have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in training our team to get to where we are today. The result? A finished product that is natural looking, beautiful, and truly breath taking, and a product that is functional, simple, and of the highest quality. We are one of only a handful of CAC’s (Certified Aquascape Contractors) in central Indiana. We have to meet a stringent criteria of quality, client satisfaction, and quantity of features built to qualify for this status, and we are proud to have accomplished this.

If you have a feature that is not beautiful, or isn’t functional, you were better off to never have had it. If your feature is beautiful and functional, you will never regret having it. Hire TNL to install your unique, beautiful water feature, small or large, and to do it right the 1st time. It’s an investment you will enjoy a return on every day, for years to come!

Questions to ask yourself before you hire a contractor to build your feature

  1. Are they certified w/the company’s who’s product they’re installing?
  2. What is the product line? What are the warranties on workmanship, pump life, etc?
  3. How many features has this company built? Can you go see some of them? Do they look “natural” or “man made” (this is a BIG one).
  4. Did they quote you a price that’s “really cheap, almost to good to be true”?
  5. Will they offer maintenance on the feature they installed should you choose to hire them to do that, or can/will they explain to you in simple terms how you can maintain your feature yourself?
  6. What is a summer of your weekends worth to you, a feature that will probably leak, and a finished result that will hopefully look “pretty good”? Hire us to do the job right, beautifully, the 1st time.

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