True North Times – November 2010

Rain? What rain? What IS rain? That sums it up. A very wet spring, followed by the longest dry spell since weather recording began in Indiana back in the late 1800’s. What does this mean? Plant material and turf grass is amazingly resilient. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stressed or dead trees, shrubs, and lawns out there. We missed at least 4 CRITICAL rainfalls that it looked like we’d get… but didn’t. Unless people have taken an aggressive approach with watering from July through now… well, there’s going to be a lot of sad surprises come spring, as everything is going into winter weak and stressed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!! If you are the recipient of such bad news, we will likely be doing a lot of turf renovation in March and April, either re-sodding or slit-seeding, which is a good alternative to sod if budget is an issue.

In other news, we’re busy with final landscape projects until the ground is too frozen to work (yes, you CAN install plant material now, in fact, it’s a GREAT time), cleaning up leaves, shutting down water features (on this note, please visit our website at, go to the Services tab, & click on Water Feature Maintenance to view several videos we recently added to assist and educate our clients), and getting ready for the snow to fly! CALL US if you have any final projects! We want and appreciate the work! Speaking of snow flying…

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