True North Times – March 2015

Hey True North?friends!

FROM THE LANDSCAPER ??Quick reflection, quick ?projection.??Thank you for helping make 2014 our best overall season?in 15 years. I?m humble & grateful for committed TNL Team Members, Clients, Friends, & Family.?Moving forward…?Spring is just around the corner. I see TREE?mendous opportunity this year, and we?have a significant amount of work sold already. I think 2015 is going to be full & busy!?PLEASE…do not?hesitate to renew your yearly maintenance contract if you haven?t already, or reach out to discuss a?project you may have in mind that you?re ready to see ?come to life? this year!

Here?s a list of services?we offer:

GARDEN CENTER ? Wholesale (all of Indiana), Retail (True North headquarters at 4821?Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN. Saturdays only late April ? May).

LANDSCAPING ? We create & build unique hardscapes (paver patios, retention walls, natural?stone work, etc.), Landscapes (softscapes, plantings, design, soil work), & Water Features?(bubblers, pondless waterfalls, ponds with waterfalls, Rain X Change water capture systems).

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE ? Residential/Commercial ? Mowing/Turf Care, Pruning/Shearing,?Mulch (installation AND bulk/delivery), Spring/Fall Cleanups, etc.

SNOW/ICE CONTROL ? Zero Tolerance/Near-Zero Tolerance only (It?s OVER, let?s not talk about?it)!

TNL IS HIRING! – I?ll end with this… WE?RE HIRING! If you know of someone that LOVES working outside,?isn?t afraid of a hard days work, enjoys a positive company culture & environment, can drive & has a?GREAT attitude, please have them go here,, OR?go to our website at & download our application.?

THANKS FOR READING… Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

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