True North Times – March 2011 Part Deux

True North Landscaping Lucas Oil Show 2011

From the Landscaper – This will be a very short TNTimes.? Wanted to share a couple photos of our Lucas Show display that we built, and say THANK YOU to those of you who dropped by to show your support and say hi.? Come see us at the Flower and Patio Show, booth #118!

I have a request (ie. WE NEED HELP)! We have set up a very SWEET 10×10 garden at the Flower & Patio Show, which runs at the Fairgrounds beginning March 12-March 20.? Our booth is complete w/landscaping, stone steps, wall, tumbled flagstone hardscape, bubblers and waterfall (yes, it’s all in a 10×10′).? I’m looking for 4 or 5 TNL friends to help us run our booth.? Shifts are 10AM-3PM, and 4PM-9PM.??For you to qualify, you need to be the following:

1 – You must LOVE TNL!

2 – You must not be afraid to smile and talk to people (you don’t need to be a genius, just hand out brochures and I will do some simple ‘coaching’ on what to say for any of the more technical questions people may have.? Remember, a great default answer/option is ‘I don’t know’).

3 – You must be able to run 1 or 2 shifts.

4 – You must be REALLY good looking…or bald like me.?(I’m just kidding!!!? Except for the bald like me part. ).

What will you get out of this?

1 – Our unwavering appreciation.

2 – A free way to ‘get in’ to the show, along w/2 complimentary tickets to get you and a guest in at your leisure, or that you can give to whomever.

CAN YOU HELP???? If so, please call our office or better yet, shoot an e-mail.? THANK YOU!

In other news Spring has almost sprung.? Our team’s stronger then ever, we’re getting ready to begin fertilizing, mulching, renovations, landscaping, you name it!? We will ALSO be carrying a larger variety and quantities of trees, shrubs, and perennials this year then ever before.? More to come on this in our next newsletter, but from early April-Mid May, we will be open every Saturday at our location just East of downtown off of I-70, with some TREE-MENDOUS deals on plants, bagged and bulk mulch, flowers, perennials, and some other gardening/landscaping items as well.? We also now accept Visa and MasterCard, so put it on your calendar to come see us this spring.? Pick it up here, or have us deliver and plant for you!? Remember, we want to be your ‘Unique, year round Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Solution’.? Thank you for reading, we appreciate your business very much.

Bubbling Rock

Enjoying The Pondless Stream!

True North Landscaping

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