True North Times – March 2010

True North Times

March 2010

From The Landscaper
Welcome to what is I hope the 1st of many True North Times to come. This is something I’ve wanted to see happen for years, it’s finally time. We’re into our 10th full season, & as a client pointed out to me recently, ‘we didn’t fall off the back of a turnip truck yesterday’! Wow, I guess she’s right. We’ve grown as big as I ever dreamed! We’ve grown a great team, & are trying to ‘dream bigger dreams’. I hope to see & talk w/many of you soon… thanks for your friendship & business!


Dwarf Hinokai Cypress

LOVE this evergreen. If you want a hardy, slow growing, VERY COOL looking evergreen, you can’t go wrong. This is a BEAUTIFUL focal, specimen evergreen that’s hardy in Zone 5. Partial shade to full sun, 8′ tall x 3′ wide (or thereabouts). Soft, dark green foliage that forms an irregular ‘upright’. Love em! Call for details.

TNL SERVICES – We are a LANDSCAPE COMPANY in addittion to being a GROUNDS MAINTENANCE COMPANY. We service small residential homes, condos, larger yards and estates, all the way to small, medium, and large commercial properties. Our services include…

    Water Features
    Rainwater Capture/Rain Gardens
    Nursery Sales/Installation

    Aeration/Turf Renovation
    Weed/Vegetation Control
    Bed Care
    Snow/Ice Control (Zero/Near Zero Contracts)

Every April-May, we have a very intense but short/seasonal nursery. This year, we will be holding our 2nd annual ‘Open House’ the last Saturday in April, and the first 2 Saturdays in May. We will update you with more specifics on our next newsletter. Don’t hesitate to contact us w/questions or to schedule installation.

Never say never, right? OK, then how about, ‘We will not EVER offer a deal like this again…’ 2″+ caliper, 14′ tall, BEAUTIFUL Red Maples (October Glory, Red Sunset, Autumn Flame), 12′ tall 3 clump River Birch, delivered, installed, One Year Guarantee… $180!!! This is an UNBEATABLE value, while supplies last!

WATER FEATURES – There is NOTHING like the sight & sound of water to draw you in, relax & soothe your soul. We install bubbling features (rocks, columns, earns, you name it…), small to large pondless waterfalls, small to large ponds with streams & waterfalls spilling into them, fish & plants. We are one of only around 300 CAC (certified) contractors w/Aquascape Designs, the 2nd largest manufacturer of water feature products in the world. You can see some great pictures & gain valuable information at the following websites,,

RAINWATER CAPTURE – This is EXCITING stuff. What’s our most valuable resource? Ummm… What are we incredibly good at wasting and not managing well??? Yup, WATER. Here’s the long story short, here’s some SIMPLE SOLUTIONS. None of these things in & of themselves are a silver bullet, but lots of them combined are ‘Silver BB’s. You can do your part & be a ‘Silver BB’ w/these SIMPLE SOLUTIONS.

RAIN BARREL – Awesome, simple. All the old farmers where I grew up in Canada were doing this 60 years ago, before it was ‘hip’. But it is hip, click here to see the beautiful and functional rain barrel we offer.

RAIN GARDEN – These can be EXTREMELY functional AND look great! You can have both.

RAIN X CHANGE – 500 Gal. RainXChange system has an initial installation price starting at around $10/gal.+, depending what we ‘tie it into’ on top. BUT, a 500 Gal. system will capture up to12,000 Gal./year! Year after year, this REALLY adds up. You can water your plants, garden, etc. with the water you’ve ‘harvested’ off your roof, AND have it run a beautiful above ground feature at the same time. We’d LOVE to talk w/you more about this BEAUTIFUL and SUSTAINABLE alternative!

‘TNL exists to create & maintain beauty & functionality in new & existing landscapes by building a team of professionals that provides our clients w/quality, reliable, & trustworthy service.’

Cory Gliege
True North Landscaping

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