True North Times – August 2011 – The Too Darn Hot Issue

From the Landscaper -?Hello everyone.? It’s been a pretty ‘unmotivating’ stretch we’ve been through with the weather, REALLY hot & even dangerous to be in.? Personally, I’ve had I think 3 full weekends off since the ice-storm in February (we still shudder around here when we think back to that ‘experience’!).? I’m off to Canada for 2 weeks to try getting my accent back, then it will be into the September-November ‘home stretch’ of landscaping, aerations, & cleanup work…? Fortunately we’ve had some relief lately, but we thought this would be a good opportunity to share some information &?recap on what ?lawns & plant materials have been experiencing since 2010.? We had 2 excessively wet springs, followed by 2 excessively hot/dry summers.? We are still seeing stressed and/or dying plant material from the 2010 drought!? Lawns have faired terribly.? Wet conditions in spring caused very hit & miss results on pre-emergent control for crabgrass, followed by high humidity, which caused many fungal issues, then hot & bone dry!!!? This has been a ‘worst case’ scenario, a ‘1-2 punch’ if you will on landscapes throughout Marion County.? Watering has become an issue; we ask that you do what you can to protect your plants and turf!? If you are on a turf fert/herbicide program, it is very important to continue to fertilize & feed your lawn.? Our product is a dry granular slow release fertilizer that will not burn or hurt your lawn in these stressed conditions.? It is beneficial for that fertilizer to be available for the turf upon receiving any rain to help the lawn recover.? Weed control is another problem when it becomes hot & dry, the weeds defense mechanism is to seal up any moisture that it has & does not allow our herbicide to be as effective.? Weeds need to be actively growing for the herbicide to be taken into the plant.? We continue to spot spray as needed to help prevent weeds, but they have definitely been difficult to keep at bay on any non irrigated lawns this year.??Aeration/Overseeding is again going to be critical, fortunately we’ve seen some moisture & cooler temps the past couple weeks to assist in ‘waking up’ dormant lawns & aiding in recovery.? September/early October is THE window for this service.? Please contact us if you’d like to be scheduled for aeration/overseeding.

Orchard in Bloom3
Product of the Month – Bubblers!!!

Bubblers are the most economical way of still having the sight & soothing sound of water, w/out the cost or maintenance of an all out pond & waterfall.? Bubblers are simple to install & easy to maintain, & they come in a WIDE variety of sizes & styles.? Whether it’s something small or large, natural or formal, drilled stone, basalt columns, or even mushrooms, there’s a bubbler for everyone’s space & everyone’s budget!? Click?here to watch a 3 minute video on how simple & beautiful they are, & enjoy some of the pictures of bubblers we have installed.? ALSO -we have?a very LARGE drilled piece of Greene County Indiana Sandstone/Moss rock as well as a set of BEAUTIFUL fiberglass composite mushrooms?that are leftovers from trade shows, let us know if you’re interested, we’ll make you a deal.? Enjoy!

Gracie at Open House

Bubbler 2

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