True North Times – April 2011 (part 3)

Gracie at Open House

From the Landscaper – Greetings all!? Yesterday was a great day, saw a bald eagle soaring over my neighborhood on the SW side, and ended it with a nice rainbow over the display our Team built at Holiday Park for Orchard in Bloom…

Well, we’ve only had rain 13 of the last 15 days… so, let’s see…the bright side would be… we don’t have to water!? By my best estimations, we’re around 500 production man hours behind schedule on mulching and landscape installation work from all the April precipitation.? Mowing has been a real challenge also to try establishing any resemblance of ‘routes’ or order.??I beg your patience, we will get to you! This has been our most challenging spring by far in terms of logistics and scheduling.? On a bright note, we have more work then we’ve ever had.? I won’t even complain about $4+/gallon fuel, it is what it is, and let’s be thankful we didn’t get devastated by any flooding or tornados, as so many have been suffering with.? Our hearts go out to our neighbors to the south who’ve suffered damaged and have lost loved ones…

Thanks for your business, we appreciate it, please hang in there with us!

Orchard in Bloom1 Orchard in Bloom2

Orchard in Bloom3

Orchard in Bloom5

Orchard in Bloom – If you’ve never been to this festival, you should come.? Holliday Park is an amazing 100 acre facility that’s beautiful and has a lot of history.? We were honored last night at the pre-judging to receive runner up for Best of Show, and runner up for American Horticultural Society Award.? Congratulations to Litchfield Landscaping for winning both of these categories this year!? Come check out our booth plus all the other great booths and displays, today-Sunday at Holliday Park, go to? for more information. (before/during/after photos).

Open House1

True North Open House – Thanks to many of you for coming out last Saturday.? Come see us this Saturday while we still have a decent selection of great flowers, baskets, loads of new perennials, trees, shrubs, & more.? Tomorrow’s looking great, hope you can make it, 8:30AM-2PM. (picture of some plants). Open House 2

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