Newsletter – March 2010

Hello everyone,

Spring is finally giving us a little ‘tease’. This is a very quick ‘what’s happening at True North’ for you. Within the next couple weeks or sooner you’ll be receiving Vol. 1, #1 of the ‘True North Times’, a monthly company newsletter that’s finally out of the idea stage. BUT, as a preliminary to that, we wanted to let you know about the new ‘Home and Flower Show’, happening THIS weekend (yes, starting TODAY through Sunday!) at Lucas Stadium. This is a new show, but it’s going to be a good one! True North has been partnering with a larger hardscape contractor by building all of their water features. Yesterday we completed a beautiful waterfalls and stream, complete with stonework, plants and mulch. Shake off the winter dust and get down to the Lucas Show! If you’ve never been to the stadium, this is a great chance, and there’s a TON of beautiful gardens, landscaping, and lots of other stuff to see. We’re in one of the premier gardens (Leveridge Landscaping), at the North end of the stadium. Click here to purchase discounted tickets on-line… HOPE TO SEE YOU!


In other news, February was super busy w/snow (it’s a love/hate thing…). Also, we recently received CAC status on our water feature work. We’re now one of only 2 Certified Aquascape Contractors in central Indiana, one of 300 in North America, and are passionate about building beautiful and functional water features! Go to to learn more about the joy of water features, or of course our own website, We’re now beginning to stockpile trees, shrubs, and plant materials for our spring nursery season, are super busy bidding work, and ‘ready to roll’ on several projects as soon as the weather begins to hold. People think we ‘shut off the phones’ and go to Jamaica for 3 months for winter, but there’s actually very little downtime.

Will look forward to seeing or hearing from many of you soon!


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