Ice Emergency!

We?re in for a difficult ice storm event that could be dangerous, prolonged, and potentially historic. Unless we hear otherwise from you, WE WILL be pre-treating your sidewalk/parking lot areas heavily. This may not do any good, BUT you should look at it as cheap insurance. It may make the difference between being able to scrape ice away easily once we are able to get on your properties, vs. chip it away & have to spend a lot more time. WHEN we can get to any property that is not ZERO tolerance is also questionable, other then WE WILL GET THERE. If this shows up as rain before ice, then it could wash away any ice-melt effectiveness.

I?m not telling anybody what to do, but I urge you to strongly consider, if you have the option, to not travel Tuesday or Wednesday? AT ALL. You should have a back up plan for heat and light. Just assume that we will experience power loss in Indianapolis between Tuesday-Wednesday, at least for a few hours, IF NOT DAYS. I hope and will be happy if we?re wrong, but this is looking like a difficult and dangerous event, similar if not worse then the ice storm Kentucky dealt with 2 years ago. Our snow totals will likely be minimal, but the ice/freezing rain is a big problem. Don?t hesitate to contact myself (538-1616) or Carlos (828-3435) on our cell phones if you have an emergency, we?ll help as we have guys available and are able. Safety on this event is the primary concern for us over the next several days. Thank You, BE SAFE!!!

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