Indianapolis Bubbler Water Feature

We recently completed this bubbler water feature for an Indianapolis client. We found the perfect stone, bore a hole in it and created a beautiful water feature from it. Lucky for us and the client, this stone came ready made with a second hole, so we got 2 bubblers for the price of one! Thinking

Ice Emergency!

We?re in for a difficult ice storm event that could be dangerous, prolonged, and potentially historic. Unless we hear otherwise from you, WE WILL be pre-treating your sidewalk/parking lot areas heavily. This may not do any good, BUT you should look at it as cheap insurance. It may make the difference between being able to

The Weather of 2010

2010. The year of extremes. We started out with one of the wettest springs I can remember. This accelerated growth in plant material, which takes energy. Then July hit, and somebody ‘turned off the water’. Most of you already know, but if you don’t, Indiana experienced the longest overall dry/heat combination that the Hoosier state