‘B’ is for Butterfly Bush AND for Buckthorn

Howdy friends!? I?ve got trees, plants, shrubs, and perennials on my mind.? In fact, I?ll just come right out & say it? I?m dreaming about NURSERY STOCK!? ?What is this madness, it?s winter?? you say.? Well, plants have been a big part of our life here at True North Landscaping for a long time. In fact they?re how we started our business over 15 years ago, selling Nursery Stock in the spring.? I?m up to my eyeballs in orders from different growers & nurseries so we can offer great deals & selection to our Clients this Spring at the True North Garden Center.? We are bringing in a lot of product NOW to keep our Team busy & to keep plants dormant so they?ll be looking great for April & May.? Here?s a couple great plants that begin with the letter B:

B ? is for Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

Butterfly Bush

If you have a full sun environment, want something that smells incredible, adds a great deal of color, & yes, really does attract butterflies, look no further than a Butterfly Bush.? They are tough, hardy plants.? Just a few varieties include Lo & Behold, Attraction, Black Knight, Potters Purple? the list goes on!? Come & ?get you some? at the True North Garden Center this spring.

B ? is for Buckthorn, Fine Line (Rhamnus Frangula)?

If you just google Buckthorn, you?re going to say ?why is this yahoo telling us to plant an invasive species??? Calm down now!? I?m recommending a wonderful cultivar called the Fine Line Buckthorn.? We?ve been planting them for years in full sun to partial shade locations, I think they?re awesome.? This plant can be a great, unique alternative to Ornamental Grasses or Arborvitae, especially where space is narrow or limited.? The Fine Line Buckthorn can be planted as an interesting stand alone specimen in a planter, in your landscape, or ?in mass? (not ON Mass. Ave. where we?re located, IN Mass, as in ?lots of them??) wherever a screen or vertical accent is desired.

Talk to you again next week!

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