Acclimating Pond Fish with Aquascape's Pond Detoxifier

Scott with Aquascapes does a nice job talking about some simple things to look for when purchasing Koi or fish, along with providing a stress free experience when introducing them into your water feature.

The Pond De-Toxifier is an inexpensive but very effective product to minimize chlorine, ammonia, & helping keep the fish relaxed.? Koi are beautiful members of the Carp family.? By taking simple care precautions, they can live a long time & provide you with years of enjoyment.

One village in Japan has a pond with Koi in it that have been aged at?over 200 years old!!??My family loves our water feature,?we installed it 9 years ago & it provides us with year round enjoyment.? Our oldest Koi is nearly 20!? He spent the 1st?half of his life in a very small indoor pond.? Our friends moved & gave him to us, 2 days after we released him into our pond, he spawned with a female fish & just like that, we had eggs & then babies!

Our pond is only 2? deep.? We leave it running year round, put a net over it in the fall to keep leaves from falling into the pond & rotting, & put an Aquascapes floating heater in the pond so as to allow a small hole in the ice for methane gas to escape.

In spring, we remove the water with a pump, rescuing the fish with a net & placing them in a large trough that contains some of the pond water that we pump out.? After power washing & manually cleaning debris in the pond, we fill the pond, & using the Aquascape De-Toxifier in the water, slowly re-introduce the fish.? Walla!? Good to go for another season of fish watching enjoyment (oh yeah, sometimes after a hard days work I?ll get IN my pond with our kids & sip a beer while our fish swim around us.? A perfect end to a hot day).? Happy pondering!

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